Personal Training Tenerife

Move Better, Feel Better, Look Better

Personal Training is more than a series of one-on-one sessions. At Fitness Tenerife, Personal Training is a physical, psychological and emotional experience where you first increase your level of base conditioning before progressing to increase physical and cognitive skills.

Every training program is customized to address your unique fitness profile, enabling you to increase your fitness level as defined in partnership with your trainer. You’ll not only feel more powerful, you’ll be empowered to do more – and be more.

Whether you’re a celebrity, musician, politician, ceo, or someone who just doesn’t feel comfortable in a commercial facility, Yana understands and caters to your unique needs. Some people simply want to work out their issues, their fitness, their bodies…privately. Yana is happy to sign your non-disclosure agreement.

Custom is Key.

Your workout program is custom designed on YOU, for you. YOUR life. YOUR needs. YOUR situation. Fitness Tenerife offers a unique experience. Each client is also unique, therefore there is no menu of ‘pre-fab programming’ to pick from.

No Wasted Time.

Every client starts with a FREE CONSULTATION and an assessment of basic skills. You’ll look like what you do, and more importantly, how you do it. Form does follow function. You won’t forget the techniques when you’re on vacation, traveling or working out at home, your ONLINE Personal Training Program Manager is always a click away!

What happens?

Your workouts can include combinations of, or entire sessions may utilize: strength training, interval training, bodybuilding, cardiovascular conditioning, sports & athletic training & drills, yoga, dance, pilates, flexibility. Each client is unique. So are their workouts.You’ll always train with Yana – you’ll never get an assistant.
Yes, Yana trains men too!